Let’s see how long it takes chelcie to see what i changed

You didn’t even give me a chance you butt, you told me ;)

I will always post sunflowers for you.

(by Sasha Kurmaz)
if you don’t wanna be here
then i don’t wanna be either
i want to be next to you

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„My favourite track that’s out and about at the moment is probably the ‘Old Pine’ single from the Ep. It’s a song about a really good time in my life and has a lot of fond memories woven into it. There’s a little story to it… It’s from a trip I went on with a bunch a friends when I was 16. We were camped out in the woods in the South of France for six weeks and it was one of the best times in my life in many ways.
 A poignant moment of that summer came when a big thunderstorm caused mass carnage. We were persuaded to move our tents out from under a massive pine tree that looked ready to go… It actually fell two days later and I remember how we all stood there in the morning feeling like we cheated death. That summer was unreal and I’m glad to finally get it down in words to some extent.„

by Matt Irwin(x)